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1 a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea) [syn: promontory, headland]
2 land forming the forward margin of something

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Foreland is the easternmost point of the Isle of Wight. It is located five kilometres east of the town of Brading, and due south of the city of Portsmouth on the British mainland. It is characterised by a pub called the Crab and Lobster and various beach huts plus a beach cafe and a coast guard lookout. In the sea are the reefs of Bembridge Ledge which is rich in edible crabs, lobsters and spider crabs and shoals of mackerel. In the Crab & Lobster pub are photographs of the many shipwrecks, which included the submarine HMS Alliance, now a museum ship at Gosport and the First World War troopship the S.S. Mehndi carrying troops from South Africa, with great loss of life. The channel through the interior of the Bembridge Ledges is known as "Dickie Dawes Gut" after a notorious local smuggler (and father of the courtesan Sophie Dawes) due to his feat of escaping the excise men by superior local navigational knowledge. There was a pill-box built in the Second World War, now subsumed in the sea defences. The beach is sandy with stones which contain cretaceous fossils. The cliffs also feature Horsetails ferns.
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